User Management

Create Sub-Accounts for Your Team

Manage your company’s text messaging by providing your team with access.

Shared Account Credit

The parent account will share SMS credit balance with others.

Share Lists & Contacts

Import your contacts only once and share them with your team.

Track Activity & Usage

Monitor credit usage, SMS history and other sub-account activity.

Easily Manage Your Sub-Accounts

Add an Unlimited Amount of Users

You can add as many sub-accounts as you need. There are no limits to how many users you can add. Add tens, hundreds or even thousands.

Permission Management for Sub-Accounts

Assign admin rights to certain users and let them help you manage all other sub-accounts. Admins can access thebilling area and messaging data.

Monitor Any Team Member's SMS History

Improve your staff´s communication skills by reviewing all their previous conversations with your customers and prospects.

Creating Sub-Accounts is FREE

There are no additional costs for adding sub-accounts. You only pay for outbound text messages - everything else is FREE.

Give or Revoke Access when Needed

Easily close or reopen accounts when needed. When a new employee joins your company, creating a new account takes seconds.

Check Team Statements & Control Costs

We show all costs per user as well as the total cost for the entire company, so you can always be sure you are not spending more than budgeted.

How Sub-Accounts Can Help You Improve Business Processes

SMS marketing campaigns require a lot of hard work and planning, even if you are using the TextMagic solution. Setting up and using sub-accounts will help you:

Follow-up in real time

Having multiple team members with access to the TextMagic platform will improve SMS management and ensure that you follow up with subscribers faster.

Target your SMS marketing efforts

You can delegate SMS marketing tasks to different team members to personalise messages more effectively.

Have more control

Collaboration with team members who have a deep understanding of different aspects of your company will significantly improve your business SMS efforts.